Office Sponsorship

Office Sponsorship

We made the move to our new larger downtown Waukesha office, in an effort to grow the party. This was a high risk/high reward choice we made. The reward is that we are in the heart of our county, the heart of our most Democratic city. This is a chance to engage with thousands of new people and grown our party to new heights.

Will you help us fund our office?

But it came with risk, the risk being that we are paying almost 3 times what we paid before in rent. The risk of, if we can't grow into the office, we will not have enough funds to continue other channels of reaching voters.
This is where you come in. We need to raise $250 a month to help us fund the office, without taking money away from other areas of our budget.

Help us secure our office and our outreach efforts today!

$250 sounds like a lot of money, but if we all go into it together, we can easily make this happen. $5 from 50 people is all it takes, or $10 from 25 people every month. Something as small as not getting Starbucks once a month, is a small price to pay for moving the Democratic Party forward in Waukesha.  It's possible that TOGETHER we can do this and continue pushing for Democratic values, in our new downtown office.

Together we can do this, can you chip in as little as $5 per month?