Since 2011 the Waukesha County Democratic Party has begun to put a new unprecedented focus on the youth of Waukesha County. With the help of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, we are proud to offer the youth of Waukesha, new opportunities to be trained in Democratic Politics, how to run campaigns, and how to run for office and win elections as progressives.

Matt Lowe is our Director of Youth Outreach and he is proud to be able to offer the youth of Waukesha these new opportunities. As a college student Matt understands the importance of being involved, and getting trained through the proper channels. Matt is a graduate of DLI, and has spent numerous hours working with a range of different campaigns, from state assembly to US Senate and even working with Presidential campaigns. Since taking over, Matt has lived by this phrase when talking with college students throughout Wisconsin, in Waukesha County, “If you invest in us, we will invest in you”

If you have any interest about getting involved or questions please contact Matt Lowe at 262-970-7104 or by email at, [email protected]


Working with the Waukesha County Democratic Party, we can help you get an internship with a variety of groups or campaigns based in or near Waukesha County. Your internship can be tailored to fit your interests and skills. These are great resume boosters going into college and the job market. 

Internships are great resume builders, and are a perfect foundation to any start in politics.

Democratic Leadership Institute (DLI)

For the past 16 years, the Democratic Leadership Institute (DLI) has  been the premier Democratic training organization in Wisconsin. To date, we’ve trained over 1,400 leaders who have run campaigns, developed key  legislative strategies, transformed progressive non-profit organizations and served in elected office.

The Democratic Leadership  Institute prepares you to fully participate in the political process,  through campaign workshops led by the best campaign and legislative  professionals in Wisconsin, providing networking opportunities and sound advice about how to get a job in progressive politics. This invaluable  training is available to people who live in Wisconsin and are committed  to the principles of the Democratic Party.

Learn the keys to success, as The Democratic Leadership Institute provides key  training in the skills needed to effectively campaign. You’ll learn what it takes to organize from leaders in Wisconsin politics, including:

• Run a smart, effective campaigns to win
• Employ grassroots organizing tactics
• Build effective coalitions and work with allies
• Fundraise to support your campaign
• Develop strategic messages, communications programs and outreach to media
• Network with key leaders

You’ll have the opportunity to network with other participants from across the state, meet Wisconsin’s political leaders including past DLI graduates, campaign, legislative and non-profit professionals and elected  official. You’ll hear from elected officials, progressive leaders and  campaign operatives first-hand how to effectively campaign to win  elections, secure legislative victories and deploy defensive strategies. Our team of skilled trainers offer advice on how to find a job in  politics and conduct one-on-one resume workshops to provide you  real-time feedback before you meet with employers at a statewide job  fair.